Navman QTanium Video & Online Promotion

Product Introduction  |  New Market Entry

Navman Wireless, a global leader in the GPS fleet tracking and management industry, wanted to expand their market into the construction industry. In 2011, Navman engineers developed QTanium 300—a system that monitored usage and location data designed specifically for construction equipment and vehicles.

THE CHALLENGE: Being the leaders in the industry, we understood that we could establish immediate credibility by educating our prospects about vehicle tracking systems; how they work and the enormous ROI they can expect. However, it was not an easy story to tell over the phone, and it was a challenge to persuade prospects to take time away from their busy schedules to meet about an entirely new way of managing construction assets.

THE SOLUTION: It was determined that a video would be best marketing vehicle; not only to educate our prospects on the value of a fleet management system but also to show them why the QTanium 300 is the best solution in the industry. After presenting multiple concepts, the winning idea was “What if your yellow iron can talk”. It emphasized the incredibly valuable data that can be extracted from equipment using the QTanium 300 in an engaging and memorable way.

THE RESULT: With less than a $15,000 budget for the entire project, we accomplished our objectives…and then some:(1)    A jump in construction unit sales from 1% to 21% of Navman Wireless’  business and a 230% return on investment in just six months(2)    Sales of TWICE the number of Qtanium 300 units forecast in the first three months(3)    100% of construction customer sales viewed the video before making the purchase

Today, Navman Wireless enjoys a leading position for both sales and brand value for GPS tracking and management in the construction industry.


An online campaign was created, which included these banners, on relevant websites to help drive traffic to the main website and views of the video.


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